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In times when the oil prices drop to 50 dollars a barrel and domino effect is expected in job cuts in some sectors in addition to oil and gas, common sense dictates to be worried about keeping your job. Worry in times like these can only improve your job performance and be noticed when you need it the most. With the managers worried about meeting their forecasted profits and business plan, it comes in handy by asking him/her how you could contribute to your manager's and department's overall success in your capacity. Copy your boss on your work and assure to meet deadlines. As much as you are uncomfortable with talking to your boss's boss, so are they in talking to you. Do strike a conversation with what the competitors are doing and they would love that conversation. Upper management loves to talk about business while they eat/drink even in casual conversations and situations. Put your personal phone calls and messages on a complete standby during business hours and arrive earlier than your boss and leave after he/she leaves. Most managers are looking more closely at the staff proactively way before layoffs are announced. Putting in this extra time shows your commitment and dedication to your job. If you are in dire need of a new laptop or other office equipment that is affecting your productivity and cannot put it off, present it in a way how it would benefits the company and not just make your life easy. Take on and volunteer for extra work and assure to finish it with a follow up to your manager. If you work from home, now is the time to immediately move back to your office cubicle to be noticed. Do talk about your delegated work with your manager and its timely completion, however avoid carrying a banner in the office about your additional voluntary work and accomplishments. It is the time to make your presence felt. If nothing else, it may help you survive the initial bulk of layoffs. As "Stalin" once said, "A single death is a tragedy, a million deaths is a statistic", it could help you be one of the last ones to let go. Those that are let go towards the end are usually the first ones to be called back when things turn around. As much as it is difficult to do, leave your company on a positive note with a thank you letter and avoid being perceived as a disgruntled employee. You never know, in this digitized small corporate world, when you may be again interviewed by the same people you once worked for. Good managers remember good employees that make their lives easier and are low maintenance. 

Ahsan Bashir
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