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March 7th, 2015
Non Verbal Behaviour communicates our state of mind.

Let us focus on a few simple questions, " How old are you?" or "How tall are you?". By emphasizing on different words of the same sentence, it can reveal totally different and multiple meanings. "Paralanguage" can totally change the meaning of the same sentence and communicate our state of mind. Though most of the time we are unconscious, even our non verbal behaviour speaks and communicates our state of mind. Let us look at a few interesting gestures and what they mean however it is also important to note that certain gestures may be a habit of some people and can sometimes be misunderstood. 

 Our Arms crossed on our chest communicates defensiveness.

Biting nails communicates Insecurity and nervousness. 

  Brisk Erect Walk communicates Confidence.

Hand on Cheek communicates Thinking and Evaluation.

 Hands clasped behind back communicates Anger, Frustration & Apprehension.

Head resting in hands communicates Boredom.

Locked ankles communicates Apprehension.

Looking down face turned away communicates Disbelief.

Open Palm communicates Sincerety, Openness & Innocence.

Patting and Fondling Hair communicates lack of Self Confidence & Insecurity

Pinching Bridge of nose, eyes closed communicates Negative Evaluation.

Pulling or tugging at ear communicates Indecision.

Rubbing Eye communicates Doubt & Disbelief.

Rubbing Hands communicates Anticipation.

 Sitting with hands clasped behind head, legs crossed communicates confidence & superiority.

Sitting with legs crossed, foot kicking slightly communicates Boredom.

  Standing with hands on hips communicates Readiness & Aggression.

 Steepling fingers communicates an Authoratative state of mind.

 Stroking Chin communicates trying to make a decision.

 Tapping or drumming fingers communicates Impatience.

Tilted Head communicates Interest.

  Touching or rubbing nose slightly communicates rejection. doubt or lying.

Walking with hands in pocket communicates dejection.

Ahsan Bashir

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