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December 2nd, 2014

Web Marketing and Promoting your website

As the number of Internet users increase especially with the increase in the use of smart phones, it is imperative that in order for a business to succeed, ample attention needs to be paid to market your business via a website. Though there are millions of websites, however a fraction of a percentage point receive the attention of the major search engines such as Google. Unless your site shows up in the first few pages, the chances of success in attracting a client to your site is slim to none. So why do some websites show up on the top in search engines and some do not show up at all? Some days, with the same key word, one website would show up on the top but the following day, it does not stay there? That is a tricky question, however there are certain things one can do in order to improve the ratings of a website and keep it there. The websites that receive the highest number of clicks by users receive a top rating and is upgraded by a search engine, and in order to get the high number of clicks on a website, it has to be rated high by a search engine to be found first? Chicken and egg scenario. Well, just clicking on the web link from the same IP address does not serve the purpose, as the clicks have to be from unique IP addresses and in high numbers. Some Search Engine Optimization companies (SEO's) use automated robots but there is a high chance of getting the website blacklisted by a search engine by doing so. Therefore genuine work pays in the long run and basically there are no short cuts or the chances of success are very slim by trying short cuts.

(1) Selecting a relevant name to your type of business is the first step. If you are in the Consulting business, then "XYZ consulting" would be helpful. 

(2) The content in the website must be relevant to the type of business. Focus on the key words and link those key words to the relevant pages and content within your website.

(3) Web Crawlers look for new content and look for changes in the webpages. So updating your website with new content helps in promoting and marketing your site to the search engine.

(4) Unique, user friendly, relevant information on your webpage is the key. Copy/paste scenarios do not work. Genuine work pays only.

(5) Web Crawlers cannot read logos. They only read content. Focus more on relevant content.

(6) Back links from other websites improve the ratings.

(7) A blog on your website with a back link from articles websites help. Write an article, submit it to an articles website and back link it to your blog on your site.

(8) Digg (digg.com), Delicious (delicious.com), facebook and other social media tools are helpful in promoting your website.

(9) Google Analytics or a similar service is an important tool in setting up campaigns for user clicks and demographics of your website visitors. Set up weekly, monthly and annual campaigns and compare them to your goals. You can see what key word brought the user to your website and how long each user stayed on your website. It also tells you the bounce rate, meaning whether the user found your website useful and spent time on it or just left it without interest. Typically, a bounce rate of 55% is acceptable. If higher, then what changes can be made to lower the bounce rate. 

(10) Last but not least, your business card, office/store front sign, envelopes, pads and any piece of stationary in your workplace should have your web address printed on it. If you have an auto attendant telephone system, it should announce your web address to your client. Remembering a web address is a lot easier than remembering a long numeric telephone number. 

Good Luck !  Will update as I learn more, or if any better ideas or disagree, please share. "Ahsan@ZarakInternational.com)

Ahsan Bashir



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